Vietnam Beauty

Feb 19th
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Ho Chi Minh City

Cu Chi Tunnel in Hochiminh City

Cu Chi Tunnel in Hochiminh City A great evidence and memorial site of southern Vietnam’s heroic and heart-breaking war against foreign invaders is found in Cu Chi Tunnel, northwest of Saigon (Hochiminh city)    Location. Around 70 kilometers northwest of Saigon, Cu Chi Tunnel is right near the so-called "Iron Triangle" of Southern Vietnam. Both the Saigon River and Route 1 pass through this region which used to serve as major supply routes in and out of Saigon during the war. Hence, the Cu Chi (in Vietnamese: Củ Chi) and the nearby Ben Cat districts had immense strategic value for the NLF (National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam), contributing to persuading the weary Americans into withdrawal, and has now become a popular tourist attraction for both domestic and international visitors. Read more >>

Shopping in Hochiminh City (HCMC)

Shopping in Hochiminh City (HCMC) Regardless of any age you are at, you will soon find yourself satisfied when shopping in Sai Gon (or Hochiminh City), the most dynamic city of Vietnam... Read more >>

Dam Sen Park

Dam Sen Park “Oh my kids did have a wonderful time at Dam Sen Park, and keep asking me to bring them back some day!”, smiled a young mother when asked about Da... Read more >>

Hochiminh city’s prominent Museums

Hochiminh city’s prominent Museums What could not be missed when you are in Hochiminh city is some of the significant museums that tell the whole vivid story of a heroic and historical ... Read more >>

Chợ Lớn (Big Market)

Chợ Lớn (Big Market) Whoever staying in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam often pays a visit to Chợ Lớn (or Sai Gon’s China Town), a super vast market town, to be attached... Read more >>

Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral

Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral Notre-Dame Cathedral, or Notre-Dame Basilica to be exact, is a famous age-long cathedral in Southern Vietnam. It is a magnificient building located at... Read more >>

Ho Chi Minh City - ongoing dynamic & enchanting

Ho Chi Minh City - ongoing dynamic & enchanting Here, new buildings, there, persons in a hurry… It is the picture of a busting, dynamic but beautiful and friendly city – Ho Chi Minh City, the Ch... Read more >>