Vietnam Beauty

Feb 19th
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Vietnam arts

Vietnam arts – Covering almost every common Vietnamese art aspects from Vietnamese traditional art, historical art... to the contemporary art.

Vietnamese art (...continued)

Vietnamese art (...continued) Visual art In term of the visual arts, painting is the most significant one. Historically speaking, Vietnamese painting is still very young. However, the cultural origins of painting, in fact, went back much further.  Vietnamese people have created art as long as they have existed. When the first classes in line drawing, anatomy and landscape painting were offered in the early decades of the twentieth century, art students drew on their rich religious and cultural background to execute their works. As a result, you can see in these paintings, the combination of the views of their home villages, portraits of farmers in the countryside and techniques of lacquer and silk which had been used for centuries in temple decorations. Read more >>

Vietnamese art

Vietnamese art Compare to other Asian countries, it is not so long since Vietnamese art in general as well as contemporary Vietnamese art in particular, emerged from... Read more >>

An original art of Vietnam

An original art of Vietnam According to scholars specializing in portraying art, lacquer plays the first role in traditional materials in Vietnam's painting background. Opening ... Read more >>

A glance at Vietnamese folk painting!

A glance at Vietnamese folk painting! Folk painting is a combination of traditional cultural values with ancient artistic methods that have been created through the labor of past generatio... Read more >>

Vietnamese Water Puppet (Mua Roi Nuoc)

Vietnamese Water Puppet (Mua Roi Nuoc) If you are ever in Hanoi it will be regretful to miss the Water Puppet Theater - even if you think you are not a puppet kind of person. Water Puppets ... Read more >>

Vietnamese Silk Painting

Vietnamese Silk Painting Silk painting is the traditional Vietnamese art of silk painting which originates from painting and drawing on home made rice paper. Today this art ha... Read more >>

Dong Ho Painting

Dong Ho Painting Dong Ho pictures are printed on a special kind of Dzo paper. The printing paper is made of bark of a tree called "Dzo". Artists use pine leave brushes... Read more >>